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distribution for europe!

Since 1985 SKYLAN produces speaker stands and amplifier bases in Alberta/Canada.
The unique mixture of polymer extrusion and MDF makes
SKYLAN-stands extremely light and almost resonancefree.
Due to their construction
SKYLAN-stands can be filled with a wide range of materials.
This fact gives you the oportunity of a tonal optimization and adjustment to different speaker concepts or local requirements with a very small effort.
All of these features make
SKYLAN stands an ideal addition to almost every monitor speaker!
Togehter with the
SKYLAN accessories SKY Q-Bricks and our new SKY Premium Fill, SKYLAN stands are a complete absorbing and sound improving system!

General data:
O Bottom-plate 2,5 cm thick
O  Top-plate 2,5 cm thick
O  thread for adjustable metal-spikes or synthetic-feet
O  mass loading posts out of polymer extrusion

O adjustable 6 mm spikes
O adjustable soft feet for parquet floor
O high friction neopren de-coupling pads
O funnel and cup for easy filling

individual requirements regarding height of posts, as well as the size of top plate can be considered anytime, just contact us!



NEW!  - SKY D26 2P for guru QM10 -  NEW! - read more>>

NEW!  -
SKYLAN Q-Bricks -  NEW! -
the ultimate sound improvement - read more>>

NEW!  - SKYLAN Grill Magnete - NEW!
special tool for an easy removal of all Harbeth loudspeaker covers -
read more>>

NEW!  - SKY Premium Fill - NEW!
specific for Harbeth speakers - read more>>

Skylan stands have shown particularly good results in combination with the following speakers and are partially even recommended by their manifacturers:


B&W Bowers&Wilkins



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